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About SNF

A Neem tree park in Senegal

A Neem tree park in Senegal. Photo: Dr. D. D. Faye, 2002.

Dr. Faye addressing Assocham Conference. New Delhi 2011

Dr. Faye as invited speaker, addressing the Association of Chambers of Commerce of India (Assocham) 3rd. Annual Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Summit (MAPS) in New Delhi, India, 2011.

Senegal Neem Foundation (SNF) was created by Dr. D. D. Faye, as a crucial part of Africa Bound Corporation -ABC- (, in order to better stress the emphasis of the NeemTech program in ABC as well as to provide a fertile ground for dialogue and common interest in rationally harnessing the neem potential in Senegal and Africa in the future. 

In its advocacy and awareness program, SNF is in collaboration with several neem interest groups ranging from private entities to not-for profit NGOs, and education and research institutions. SNF is  member of  Neem Of Africa (NoA), an umbrella  entity in Africa Bound Corporation (ABC),  aiming to  shelter  all  the  African Neem Foundations  under one roof.