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Pan-African Neem Summit -PANS- Burkina Faso 2017

The first Pan-African Neem Summit (PANS) is a new movement for the promotion of the Neem  of Africa (NoA) umbrella. This new endeavor aims to provide an international forum to the neem scientists, researchers, NGOs and private entities to better understand this African green treasure, to rationally harness its virtues and other socio-economic opportunities. The African continent abounds of this beautiful natural resource among others. Alone, Senegal has between 18-30 million neem trees according to a 2003 USAID report.  How many neem trees are there in you country?  Please take time to  know!

We invite all neem advocates to look into this new program to create  Neem  Foundation organization  in their  respective  African country (only one recognized by  ABC/NoA per country). We can help to link your good neem ventures with the right contacts.

NoA project is part of Africa Bound Corporation ( program.

Do you have a Neem Foundation organization in your country?

If  so,

would you like to organize a PANS event in  your country?  

Let us help you!  Please contact us.

Updated: August 24, 2016 — 10:37 pm